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About This Project

During the 29th edition of the International Book Fair of Turin, dedicated to the publishing world, the stand of the Council of Ministers emphasized the period after the Second World War, starting with the Liberation on April 25, 1945 through to January 1, 1948 when the new constitution went into effect. An epic historical change, between the end of the conflict and the revival of the country.  A watershed marked by the first elections open to women, the referendum of June 2nd laying the foundations of our Republic, and the start of the Constituent Assembly. An arc of time energized by the courage of the men and women who rebelled against the Nazi/Fascist dictatorship, dreaming of a different future of freedom and democracy. Four years recreated through a narrative where archive videos, images, and the words of protagonists and ordinary people lead visitors through those difficult and exhilarating times that made the Italy of today possible.