Museo del Novecento, Milano



Designed as N!03
About This Project

900 – “I Sogni danno materia all’arte. L’arte dà energia al pensiero. Il pensiero guida la scienza. La scienza realizza i sogni”.
(900 – “Dreams are the food of art. Art drives thought. Thought guides science. Science makes dreams come true”.)

At the beginning of the twentieth century it seemed that every dream could come true: science and technology changed the world as we knew it. Speed and synchronicity entered the realm of art and, from that moment on, neither sculptures nor paintings were ever the same again. Speed, movement, transmission and crossing boundaries are the keywords around which videos take shape.
Images are projected onto an uneven surface made of not aligned boards that create an expanded canvas. Continuously changing images, texts and graphic animations are “transmitted”, from one board to another, onto this huge surface in a “continuous movement” that takes the shape of an expanding liquid.
Various levels of interpretation coexist within the video, intertwining the work of artists, slogans and texts that recall of the importance of research and innovation, images that represent social issues and costumes of the twentieth century.