A noi fu dato in sorte questo tempo 1938-1947


Torino - Carpi - Roma



Designed as N!03, Interaction design
About This Project

Torino, Archivio di Stato-Sezioni Riunite
27th January – 20th March 2010

Carpi, ex Campo Fossoli
25 April – 11 July 2010

Roma, Palazzo del Quirinale
12 October – 27 November 2010

The exhibition relates of a group of young people of Jewish origin between 1938 and 1947. The mountains, their youth, lack of freedom and memory are the key concepts upon which it develops.Through the exhibition, the meta-narrative of the times intertwines with the personal stories of the young protagonists: a diachronic tale of small events in which voices, lights and images alternate and overlap, as in a musical score in which every note contributes to the harmony of the whole. The visitor enters into the story in a special way, borrowing the identity of one of the protagonists whose postcard portraits they can select at the beginning of the exhibition. These postcards are the keys that activate the interactive installations and gives access to information on the chosen character.
The architecture of the exhibition evokes the mountain landscape and the contrast between freedom and constriction. The white modules are the surfaces for the exhibition of documents, images and video projections, documenting historical developments from 1938 to the first years after the Liberation.