Aria, acqua, terra, fuoco


Palazzo della Borsa, Genova


Festival della scienza di Genova

Designed as N!03
About This Project

Video installation synchronised on 6 screens created for the exhibition by the same name dedicated to the four elements of nature.

The sense of narrative within the synchronised video installations is provided by continuously switching from one screen to another. The video on each screen has its own narrative and its own rhythm, however the meaning of the installation its conceived in its entirety.
The story develops with visual counterpoints that build towards an all-embracing set that appears at certain times.
Images create the background of the installation, u with solid colours appearing both vertically and horizontally. The red of fire lights up the blue water whilst the green and ochre of earth mix with the white of clouds. Colours and shapes repeat and reflect creating different combinations as if in a kaleidoscope.