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Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona


Fondazione Biblioteca Capitolare

Interaction design, Museums, Video
About This Project

The new exhibition itinerary designed for the Biblioteca Capitolare in Verona, the oldest library still in operation in the world, is inspired by the concept of digital scanning. This approach transforms physical documents into intangible entities, standing as a palpable symbol of the preservation, the dissemination of knowledge and the in-depth investigation of this vast cultural heritage, made even more impressive by the monumentality of its numbers: 1280 manuscripts, 90,000 volumes and 11,000 parchments.

The proposed path offers an experience that starts from the millennial history of the scriptorium, the medieval writing workshop that turns into the place of conservation and study that is the library, and extends to the exploration of the individual masterpieces that enrich the collections.

A selection of the most extraordinary treasures of the Capitolare Library is presented in a sort of “Digital Library”, where the exhibition of the most significant manuscripts and books is accompanied by videos of thematic study. This approach allows visitors to discover the historical and cultural context of the works on display.

The final room, marked by a large “casket”, offers a unique experience and isolated from the surrounding light, offering visitors the opportunity to contemplate the original works in a display case conceived as a “magic box” where a suggestive optical effect enhances the generative nature of knowledge.

Space and media design: NEO [Narrative Environments Operas]

Graphic: Reflektor