CAMILLE PISSARRO The soul of Impressionism

Video installations
About This Project

The exhibition offers an innovative experience by pairing the works of the artist with a multimedia narrative environment, bringing the audience closer to the personal experiences of Camille Pissarro. Visitors are introduced to the emotions and ideas of man and develop a different level of understanding, non-analytic but highly evocative, thereby stimulating the emotions of the visitors. The audience can still explore the more traditional academic information about the artist. In fact, the exhibit alternates between traditional displays of the works, with supporting animated graphics and textual content, with more immersive experiences, created with large projections that work with the space and the paintings to provide a personal history of the artist. Each room uses the painter’s voice to lead the audience through the evolutionary stages of his life. The enthusiasm and vigor of youth, the struggle against academic conventions, the anger and sadness brought about by the Prussian War of 1870-71, the love for his family, and the inner peace of old age become images and provide the visitors with a more intimate self portrait of Camille Pissarro, emphasizing the emotional element of the paintings and providing an original point of view for interpreting them.