Genio e Impresa


Palazzo Lombardia, Milano



Exhibitions, Interaction design, Video installations
About This Project

30 enterprise stories are portrayed in the multimedial exhibition “Genio e Impresa. From Leonardo and Ludovico to the big innovation stories of our age”, which is open to the public from July 9th to September 15th in Palazzo Lombardia.

The exhibition is curated by NEO (Narrative Environments Operas) and explores how innovation can be born from the meeting of two people. Through a staging that is innovative and immersive, it delves into the relation between a “genius” – someone with technical expertise – and an entrepreneur, a person with management skills. An imaginary interview with Leonardo and Ludovico, created by Pietro Marani and Paola Cordera, opens the exhibition and is followed by innovation stories, such as the ones from Bracco Group with Ernst Felder and Fulvio Bracco, Pirelli Group with Maurizio Boiocchi and Marco Tronchetti Provera, Ferrari Giovanni Industria Casearia with Luciano Piergiovanni and Giovanni Ferrari, STMicroelectronics with Bruno Murari and Benedetto Vigna, Fili Pari with Alice Zantedeschi and Francesca Pievani.

The exhibit highlights the role of Milan and Lombardy. The region is presented as a “Garden of Wonders” as it provides the right ground for innovation, but also manages to get very different elements together, thanks to data provided by Assolombarda Study Centre. According to Globalization and World Cities Research Network, Milan takes 11th place in the ranking of global cities and, in spite of the growth of Africa and Asia, will still be among the top 50 in 2025 (source: McKinsey). Milan is the chief town in Lombardy and the core of its cultural and creative system, with 350,000 professionals in the field and more than 24 billion euros  generated every year – that’s a quarter of the total for Italy. The city is full of young talents, with 210,000 students in Milan, 18,000 of which are foreigners; 70,000 more (23,000 foreigners) study in other cities in Lombardy. Milan ranks as the 36th best city for students, according to QS Best Student Cities. Lombardy includes just the 8% of Italy territory and 17% of the population, but counts 32% of all patents and 33% of all workers employed in advanced manufacturing.

Palazzo Lombardia will also host a work by James Rosenquist, one of the top american pop artists, created for illycaffè.

The corporate image of the exhibit is curated by Reflektor.

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