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About This Project

From October 31st 2023 to March 3rd 2024, Palazzo Reale will host the exhibition Goya. The Rebellion of Reason, an important opportunity to discover the works of this Spanish master. His artistic career developed over a long historical period, saturated with epochal events, political, social, ideological changes that ushered in a new era of History.

Goya lived through the end of the Old Regime, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic wars, the Absolutist Restoration.

He only represented this turbulent era: he himself experienced a revolution in painting linked with such historical complexity; a change that he was able to express through images.

The seven thematic sections of the exhibition will allow to discover how the artist transformed painting into a revolutionary language breaking off with the established rules and plastic systems, as well as with the imitation of models. The style of Goya’s mature years has no models, it represents the intimate and unique expression of an artist who creates art while at the same time revolutionising it with a new language.

The exhibition, curated by Victor Nieto Alcaide, was made possible thanks to the collaboration with a cultural institution of the highest level: the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid and with the patronage of the Spanish Embassy in Italy and Instituto Cervantes of Milan.

exhibition design: Fabio Novembre

multimedia design: NEO