Invito a Corte


Palazzo Ducale, Sassuolo (MO).


Ministero della Cultura, Gallerie Estensi

About This Project

The Ducal Palace of Sassuolo opens its doors to the public with an innovative redesign that will see some of its spaces completely transformed to offer visitors a unique immersive experience.

The new exhibition showcases the transformations of the prestigious Estensi residence, making the majestic palace spaces even more spectacular and connecting its history with the surrounding area. Five rooms in the southern wing of the Palace, known as the Orlando Apartment, which have been sporadically open to the public until now, have been dedicated to illustrating and reconstructing, using large models, reconstructive drawings, artworks, films, and large images, the evolution of this complex and the surrounding territory: from a small but strategically fortified place on the eastern bank of the Secchia River to a prestigious residence adorned with furnishings, fountains, sculptures, and paintings that, starting from the 18th century, made it a must-visit destination for the grand tour.

Multimedia design by NEO [Narrative Environments Operas].