La Libertà. Allegoria


Museo del Risorgimento, Genova


Comune di Genova

Designed as N!03
About This Project

A permanent interactive installation, an action performed on the painting by Felice Guascone “La Libertà. Allegoria” dedicated to the Genoa Risorgimento movement during the fall of the aristocratic government and its restoration, events that took place in the year 1797.
Eight luminous shapes are outlined on the surface of a transparent glass screen. These eight shapes correspond to eight areas of the original painting that lies behind. When the visitor touches the glass it becomes opaque. Words and sentences describing the festivities of the 14th of June 1979, the day of liberation, gradually form on the virtual canvas. A sound track as well as the words guide the visitor’s observation of the painting, helping to discover its rich and profound meaning and significance.