Forte di Vinadio, Cuneo



Designed as N!03, Interaction design
About This Project

Interactive video-installation created for the permanent exhibition “MESSAGGERI ALATI – La colombaia militare del Forte di Vinadio”

The imaginary flight of doves lead us to reflect on the concept of communication, and at the same time provide us with data regarding wars that are currently being fought.
A journey to understand lives and a reality that are very far from our own.
In the era in which space-time distances have been covered, allowing information, goods and people to circulate faster and, in theory, freely, the internet and mobile phones are the primary media we use acquire information and communicate with the rest of the world.
Our mobile phone allows the visitors to interact with the installation.
A phone call and a short sms become the keys that open up a symbolic bridge of awareness between us and people at war.
Messages on the go… back and forth.