New Leonardo Galleries – MUST

Progetto di Fabia Molteni, Cinzia Rizzo e Franco Rolle



Museo della Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

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About This Project

The largest permanent exhibition in the world dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci engineer and humanist.
A spectacular setting accompanies you on a journey that, starting from the Florence of the fifteenth century, traces the training of Da Vinci and the influence of Tuscan engineers up to his stay in the Milan of the Sforza. A journey through the art of war, work and production, flight, waterways and architecture that ends with a perspective on Da Vinci’s influence on Lombard Renaissance painting and an immersive installation dedicated to drawings of the last period of Da Vinci’s activity.

More than 1,300 square meters and 170 historical models, works of art, antique volumes and installations that bring the exhibition’s narrative to life.

The New Galleries reinterpret completely the historic layout with which the Museum opened to the public in 1953 and represent a unique cultural resource meant to inspire new generations, the world of research and enthusiasts of all ages.

The figure of Da Vinci is investigated within its historical context by relating his work as an engineer and humanist to the history of science, art, technique and Renaissance thought. The vision is consistent with the most recent studies on Da Vinci’s historiography, placing the accent on his curiosity and his ability to observe and interpret nature together with the attention to the work of his contemporaries, with whom he is in constant dialogue.

Universal meanings such as the desire to know, the ability to observe, and transversal thinking are a precious legacy of Da Vinci’s working method, still extremely relevant for us today.


Exhibition design: François Confino with Studio LLTT
Multimedia design: NEO [Narrative Environments Operas], MYBOSSWAS
Set-up: Bodino

ph. credit: Omar Crippa, Lorenza Daverio.