Piero della Francesca


Museo Statale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna, Arezzo


Provincia di Arezzo

Designed as N!03
About This Project

Two video-installations guide the visitor in the discovery of the symbols, interpretations and technical details concerning two of Piero della Francesca’s most famous masterpieces: the Brera altar piece or Madonna dell’Uovo and the Flagellation of Christ.
We are faced by an interesting juxtaposition between the image of the work and a large video-projection that reproduces a number of the painting’s details. Graphic charts introduce the audience to the different interpretations that the most celebrated art historians have given of the characters and the symbolic objects present in the paintings: they explain the technical devices adopted by the painter in relation to perspective, light, and colour in order to capture the observer’s gaze, devices that are among the distinguishing artistic features of the great artist.