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About This Project

Freely inspired by the stage design adopted by director Lars Von Trier in the film Dogville, where the buildings in a town are reproduced in plan view by using two-dimensional graphic borders, the installation “Il mare a Milano: Yachtville” displays the groundbreaking interior design project signed by Piero Lissoni for Sanlorenzo’s yacht crossover SX88.
At the exhibition of the Triennale, the silhouette of yacht SX88 is highlighted on the floor by a graphic effect which portrays it through an abstraction of internal spaces. Its elements represent a style, as well as a lifestyle, where the encumbrances of the furnished areas are theatrically arranged.
The length of the boat marks the imaginary membrane that separates visitors from the outside, represented by a succession of unrealistic urban settings, resulting from the fusion of architectural elements from many cities in the world.
Sanlorenzo’s yacht gently sails metaphoric seas, crosses imaginary borders, contemplates dreamlike cities, leading visitors to feel like they are moving with it, travelling on board the yacht to unknown destinations.


Concept, design and multimedia: NEO [Narrative Environments Operas]

Graphics: Lissoni Associati


Photo credit: Simone Bossi