Torin011_Biografia di una città


Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Torino


Urban Center

Designed as N!03, Interaction design
About This Project

Interactive and synchronised video installations

The exhibition proposes a reflection on the transformations the city of Turin has undergone in the past 30 years: how the city has changed its morphology, lifestyle, demographics, and production. The narrative focusses on the transformation of four areas of Turin that reveal the new social structures and the economic and cultural processes: the Lingotto, Mirafiori, the former Ferriere, now known as Spina 3 and the historical centre of the city. The voyage ends in a room that opens to possible future scenarios.
The exhibition takes shape in an abandoned factory where time seems somehow suspended. Multimedia installations follow one another between the iron columns of the vast aisles. Graphic animations and interactive videos give visitors a close-up to the themes of the exhibition, which are not dogmas but hypotheses to be tested, which the organisers chose to illustrate in full.
A huge animation projected on the ground introduces visitors to the exhibition, offering a graphic interpretation of the numerous data on the changes in the city, so as to underline the continuous state of movement of a liquid city.
Elsewhere visitors can browse through the recent history of the city, by physically moving a lens that focuses on different subjects that develop over an out of focus video projection covering the entire length of the wall.
Interactivity continues in a room that presents different images of the city’s past and present, the latter that appears on top of the former only by pointing at it an electric torch.
Animated maps graphically illustrating the evolution of urbanisation are interspersed with sound and video documentation designed for several synchronised screens, leading to a video installation showing the various uses of the Lingotto, along a projected video strip that creates a 360° panorama.
In the final installation, dedicated to the future, visitors can choose one of the possible combinations of aspects of the city that could be, using an interactive voting system.