ZERO | The exhibition


Macro Testaccio, Roma

About This Project


The need to convey the personal journey of Renato Zero derives from the importance of communicating a strong and precise message, fundamental to the very existence of the artist: every human being has the right to happiness and the right to free oneself from their preordained condition, the script already written by others, when they are ready to recognize and reveal their true nature, whatever it may be. Renato Zero has, in fact, made himself a place in history by overcoming every type of prejudice and elitist barrier simply by recounting his life and photographing the world through his songs, awakening consciences and often launching cyrptic warnings that revealed themselve true over time. The exhibition does not follow a rigid chronological order even though it recounts the artist’s life from his beginnings through today. Instead, the backbone of the exhibition is built around the lyrics of Renato Zero’s songs that explore daily life and capturing the pulse, providing the audience with important reflections. Each space in the exhibition represents an evolutionary passage by both the both the man and the artist, from overcoming the preconcieved notions of society to the immense perfect embrace of his audience, people of all ages, in a moment of closeness, intimate sharing, and mutual gratitude.

Photo by: ©Diana Rosioru



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