Icônes – 3 capolavori/1 città


PalabancaEventi, Piacenza


Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano

Interaction design, Video installations
About This Project

It is entitled “Icônes” the multimedia exhibition that will take place at the PalabancaEventi (Palazzo Galli) in Via Mazzini 14 in Piacenza from June 15 to July 7, on the occasion of the departure in Piacenza – on July 1 – the stage of the Tour de France arriving in Turin.

It is an immersive experience to virtually collect in one place three masterpieces kept in the museums of Piacenza“The Tondo”by Sandro Botticelli (Madonna adorante il Bambino con San Giovannino) of the Civic Museums of Palazzo Farnese, the “Ecce Homo” by Antonello daMessina of the Collegio Alberoni and the “Portrait of the Lady” by Gustav Klimt of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna Ricci Oddi. The three original works will instead be visible at the respective museums, while the virtual experience will reveal details and offer a new and original vision of the paintings.