“LABYRINTHS. History of a sign”




Franco Maria Ricci Editore

About This Project

Umberto Eco, Franco Maria Ricci.
History of a sign
22.5.2021 20.3.2022

If the image of the labyrinth has a thousand-year history, this means that for tens of thousands of years man has been fascinated by something that in some way speaks to him of the human or cosmic condition. (Umberto Eco)

Thanks to innovative multimedia installations by NEO [Narrative Environments Operas], a research and design studio for narrative environments and already author of prestigious digital art projects (such as the winner of the XXVI Compasso d ‘Oro), the Labyrinth will be transformed into a real metalabyrinth, introducing visitors to a path of words and thoughts, between scenographic and digital installations and important loans, to discover the history and meaning of one of the symbols oldest in the world.
The exhibition will be developed in three rooms, among which visitors will be accompanied by the guidance of noble and wise shadows linked to the history of Ricci – not only Umberto Eco but also Jorge Luis Borges – with multimedia transits of words and thoughts.

The exhibition is organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Municipality of Fontanellato, the Municipality of Parma and the installations are curated by Neo Tech.