Museo dell’auto

Designed as N!03, Interaction design
About This Project

The new layout of the Turin Automobile Museum aims to create a futuristic, dynamic and interactive space. Cars are not only considered in relation to their aesthetic and technical value but also for the relationship and significance of their role in culture and time. Studio N!03 has created four multimedia installations for the museum: Formula, Globalization, Metamorphosis and Design. Formula is an over 40 meters long projection that shows the speed and power of Formula 1 cars with striking graphic animations. Globalization is an interactive station showcasing data related to the worldwide production of automotives from the end of the nineteenth century up to this very day. Metamorphosis is a synchronized edit projected on five different screens relating, through archive footage, relevant changes in car production. Lastly, Design is an interactive station where one can listen to interviews to major designers of the sector.