Résister aujourd’hui


M.R.D., Grenoble, Francia


Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation

Designed as N!03, Interaction design
About This Project

Visitors will hear short accounts related by seven actors playing ordinary people of various kinds. Each account will highlight the violation of some universal human rights. The visitor will be asked to choose between two possible ways (A and B) of resolving the conflict described in the account he has just heard. A luminous strip will light up in the floor, dividing the room into two: the visitor must move to the right or left of the strip according to the choice he has made. The installation will report how many people are in each half of the room and will give the percentages.
A second actor will comment on the results of the vote.
Résister aujourd’hui creates a bridge between past and present and offers starting points for future discussions.