Archivio di Stato di Genova, Complesso Monumentale di Sant’Ignazio


Archivio di Stato di Genova

Designed as N!03, Interaction design
About This Project

The heart of this installation is made up of six interactive bookrests displaying important documents from the Genoa’s State Archives, stating Cristopher Columbus’s Genovese origins. With a simple touch of their hand, visitors will be able to translate the precious manuscripts, whilst a series of images and music enable a better understanding of the history of the great navigator and of his city, Genoa.
At the entrance of the exhibition, a screen showcases drawings and paintings portraying Columbus; whilst in the main room six screens of different dimensions form a scenery in motion, accompanied by the words of Columbus: memories of journeys, feelings, reminiscence of colours, scents and sounds of exotic lands.
Another interactive video installation enables the visitor to explore a beautiful model of XV century Genoa and to gain further details regarding some of the places related to Cristopher Columbus and his personal story. This is conveyed in an evocative juxtaposition of the past and the present of the city of Genoa.