Scan City


Triennale di Milano



Designed as N!03
About This Project

Synchronised video-installation.
Six images one next to the other represent the different elements of a single urban system.
A city recounted through a series of easily recognisable locations that could ideally represent not one but a thousand cities.
This urban scenery talks about itself through an everyday visual representation which can be viewed on different levels: images, inscriptions, symbols and voices. The scene appears to be frozen within a black and white projection that looks like a gigantic photograph, yet the visitor’s gaze is captured by an element that ruptures the stillness of the vision: a “looking glass” slowly travels over the scenario with a hypnotic movement, and the images come to life and acquire colour as the mechanical eye lay its gaze upon them. When the scenery goes back to its colourless immobility, it shows a continuous horizon, made up of different temporal details.
Like a slowly advancing wave the moving image focuses our attention on glimpses of the city which seem the same, and towards which our own perception has become dulled by the saturation of visual stimuli t we have grown accustomed to. The time interval in which the scenario comes to life points out the traces, the passages and the signs that have accumulated, small variations, imperceptible shifts, poetical hints that pile up, one onto the other, on the city’s landscape.
This video-installation is about the city and its signs, about the many languages through which it talks to us about itself, about its own time and the time of those who live and lived within it, hence our own as well.