Tra città e campagna


Triennale di Milano



Designed as N!03
About This Project

Synchronised video-installation.

N!03 revisits the good old advert… that is: remember when TV adverts were, first and foremost, stories, and in this case, cinema..
Taken from the “hare and the tortoise”, a medium length gem of an advert made by Pirelli in the 60s. A format that nowadays would be absolutely unthinkable. That is why N!03 has decided to “continue” this story up until the present day, in a modern format, on four synchronised screens placed side by side. At the same time, information regarding the culture and society of those times is transmitted intact, if anything, exaggerated in its connotations, the graphic line of the enlarged format and audio and video remix.
However, it will not lack interruptions to advertise the product Pirelli is promoting, a radial ply tyre. An advert within an advert.