About This Project

The 100% ORIGINAL DESIGN exhibit is the 2014 edition of the “Be Original” movement, a project defending authentic design, conceived and promoted by Elle Decor Italia since 2012. This movement has given rise to a debate involving all those involved in the protection of creativity and originality and in combating the counterfeiting of industrial design in Italy and around the world. The 100% Original Design exhibit highlights the creativity in design since the end of World War II, spread across Italy and the world by the founders of the international companies, who still uphold the tradition of design and entreprenership, and by the dozens of designers and architects who were part of it and still are today. In the narrative layout, objects and furnishings display their innovative shapes, the small and large technological advances they represent, their interpretations of the social needs and moods they fulfill, and clarify their endurance in our imagination and our lives. These elements come together in one word: icon.