Palazzo Ducale


Servizi Educativi di Palazzo Ducale

About This Project

This site-specific installation, created for the 5th edition of “History in the Square”, plays on the original use of the space setting itself perfectly with the ambiance of the ancient palace food storehouse.

The central area of ​​the ancient hall is transformed into a real storehouse, with groups of boxes resting on the ground and stacked to form a large wall of packaged goods. The boxes are positioned in a regular pattern to create different scenarios between the columns, spaces for different themes. Playing on the idea of ​​the warehouse, the metaphor for the whole project, the walls appear crammed with boxes of the various food products which have been important since the beginning of time and which have spread with the growth of globalization.

The exhibit develops across the whole storehouse space, with some boxes becoming display cases for different raw materials, a sort of pantry for the visitors to touch and further their understanding of the history of food ingredients, with the help of docents. A selection of objects from the icebox to the refrigerator, from the cast iron stove to gas stoves, provided by the Museo del Passatempo (Museum of Hobbies) di Rossiglione, complete the experience, emphasizing some of the most important turning points in the history of preserving and cooking food at home.