In carrozza!

Designed as N!03
About This Project

This multimedia exhibition rethinks the carriage in an evocative, technological and interactive way. This particular means of transport becomes a medium for spreading awareness of the territory of Macerata, giving people the chance to undertake a unique and engaging journey, that is rich in sounds, images and information. In the carriage visitors can enjoy the scenery going by on a route to choose from 14 possible itineraries. The “immersive” nature of the experience is underlined by the gentle movement of the carriage, which seems to bump over the rough terrain, while the voice of the driver recounts stories and anecdotes and describes the places of interest along the route.
The interactive installation is activated by a postcard which, at the end of the visit, can be sent or collected by the visitor. The postcard is also an invitation to visit the municipality or the relevant area.