Lavazza Museum

Interaction design, Museums, Video installations
About This Project

A circular journey, exploring the story of Lavazza and of the coffee production chain while offering surprising content, information and interaction experiences.

A voyage though five different themes: Casa Lavazza, the Fabbrica, the Piazza, the Atelier and the Universo.

An immersive experience through the world of Lavazza: one that does not end when your tour is over, and that gives you insightful information, unexpected thrills and memories to cherish.

Every visitor receives one cup at the entrance: a special espresso cup allowing them to activate the installations, gain further understanding about the collection through multimedia content, and collect information and memories.

This is the story of a family that became a company, and of a company that is also a family. And there’s no better place than home (’casa’) to explore the key moments in Luigi Lavazza’s life, as well as those of the three generations that followed, including an old promissory note, photographs and annotations, a grocery store’s menu and the insights from more than 120 years of unique stories.



Colours, sounds and aromas from every step in the coffee life-cycle: from the plantations, to the harvest, all the way to Torino, for processing and distribution. On one side, you can learn about the key professional roles in each phase, on the other, you’ll discover all the elements required to work sustainably, and to extremely high standards. A walk through, and alongside, the people and the numbers behind coffee, while learning effortlessly and naturally: the same way coffee cherries grow on their plants.



This is where the daily rituals, the vision and the icons of Lavazza meet and mingle.

From the first espresso machine, to the one floating in space; the passion and creativity of our Training Centre staff, unveiling coffee in all its forms, beyond the liquid one. And, finally, a corner where it all comes together: design, history and experimentation, foreshadowing the experience inside the Atelier.



Discover 20-plus years of communication and creativity.

It’s all here, including the option to customize the screens on the walls, selecting images from our calendars. Stepping into the Atelier Lavazza is like finding yourself on a classic Carosello advertising set: relive the excitement of the early testimonials like Nino Manfredi, all the way to the Paradiso ads. And remember to smile: there are cameras everywhere!



To experience one more magic moment: dive into the world of coffee.


Creative design: RAA

Media creative design: NEO, Tamschick