Memoriale Garibaldi


Isola di Caprera, Sardegna


Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

Designed as N!03
About This Project

The museum recounts the life of the hero of two worlds: lives, places and stories that intertwine. The thread that guides the visitor from the entrance to the exit is a red line. Multimedia installations take shape around this graphic element: an emotive account made up of sounds, video and animated graphics. It begins with an interactive installation dedicated to the chronology of the hero’s life, then moves on to suggestive images of the sea and ships, a visual metaphor of the young Garibaldi’s desire to go to sea. It continues to the far-off lands of South America, where our hero played a key role in the struggle for liberation of the local peoples, passing then through the events of the Roman Republic and the expedition of the Thousand, arriving finally on the coast of Caprera where Garibaldi’s life ended. The richness of images and sounds, of words and voices that visitors encounter along their way reflects and communicates the complexity and intensity of our hero’s life.