Museo storico dell’età veneta


Palazzo del Podestà, Bergamo


Fondazione Bergamo nella Storia

Designed as N!03, Interaction design
About This Project

The journey visitors make through the rooms is in stages, getting gradually closer to the history of the city of Bergamo, discovering places, people, activities and commerce.
Today we are used to exploring our cities using applications on the internet: we move from one end of the world to another clicking on satellite images, and our mobile devices pinpoint our position and tell us where we are and what there is around us. The museum plays on this new way of living and getting to know the world around us, but in place of satellite images are maps of the time, in place of photographs are paintings, while music and manuscripts replace voices and people. The original sources are revised and graphically animated, enriched with sound commentary. In the exhibition chests of different sizes and proportions give the idea of objects being transported and accumulated inside the museum, and also bring to mind the idea of voyages and, above all, trading: in the 16th century, in a city like Bergamo, voyages, culture, power and commerce were aspects of social and political life that were closely interconnected. Visitors will not see objects or relics but will be attracted by stories, images and sounds. Chests, large and small, lining their route seem to hold the history and the knowledge to which both the material and immaterial heritage bears witness.