Fabbrica del Vapore

Video installations
About This Project

SET | OPERA is a video installation that arose from a prior work, Design|Opera, based on the concept of the connections between things, between people, and between things and people, conceived for the presentation of the objects selected for the ADI Design Index 2013.

SET | OPERA does not present static images but rather dynamic relationships that change and through their change modify the perception of an impressionable world. The music (inspired by the aria “Vissi d’arte” from Puccini’s Tosca), the rhythm, the lighting changes, and the overlapping of abstract images and details of the displayed objects create a changing and disconnected panorama. The visual language is reduced to primary and abstract elements. The pixels become a dust that covers everything, which gives shape to the objects, an immaterial and extreme emblem of a digital evolution that has impacted all industries, from design to communication.