NEO was founded by Fabia Molteni, Cinzia Rizzo, and Franco Rolle. The acronym NEO synthesizes the essence of our research and projects in designing and creating narrative environments.

Our work is particularly focused in the area of multimedia exhibitions and museums, but is open to any context involving the communication of a place.

Designing and constructing narrative environments means creating stories that simultaneously involve a physical space and the present time, the here and now, providing an intrinsic philisofical value to the direct experience.

In the current environment, strongly characterized by intangible experiences and the instant availability of all knowledge, rethinking the concept of a direct experience, shared at the same time by the mind and the body, is a challenge that particularly inspires us.


Projects by Fabia Molteni, Cinzia Rizzo e Franco Rolle as N!03 [ennezerotre]



Fabia Fanny Molteni


Born in Milan in 1971, she graduated in 1990 at the I.T.S.O.S. Visual Communication experimental Institute. From 1989 to 2004 she works extensively with Studio Azzurro, as video-editor on documentaries, synchronized multi-screen project and video-installation projects for theatre shows and multimedia exhibitions.
In addition to her competence in the use of a number of different editing software systems she also specialised in special effects software.
On behalf of Studio Azzurro she has held seminars and courses on video editing and video-installation design and production: in Palermo (Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, 2001), in Salzburg (Internazionale Sommerakademie fur Bildende Kunst, 2002), in Milan (Civica Scuola del Cinema, 2003).


Cinzia Rizzo


Born in Genoa in 1961 she graduated in Painting from the Art Accademy of Brera with Luciano Fabro. She has shown her work in many personal and collective exhibitions.
Since 1987 she began to collaborate extensively with Studio Azzurro, on video program conception and direction, production of promotional and educational documentaries, video-installations for exhibitions and theatrical events as well as designing multimedia museum installations.
At the same time she has continued working on her own personal research into multimedia design and video production particularly for exhibitions and theatre productions.
She lectures Design Project in the Video Design course at the IED (European Design Institute) of Milan.


Franco Rolle


Born in Turin in 1966, he graduated in Architecture from the Turin Polytechnic. In 1998 he spent a semester at the Pratt Institute “School of Architecture” in New York and attended specialist courses in “High Tech Architecture” in Bath/London. In the same year he set up the group “Atelier Nomade” in Turin. In 1999 he attended the “Sommerakademie” art school in Salzburg and in 2001 obtained a master’s degree in “e-design” from the Milan Polytechnic.
In 2000 he took part in the “B.I.G. Torino” biennale, a biennial show of emerging artists, presenting his work in the communication, new media and metropolitan art section.
Since 1998 he has been a member of the G.A.I. (young Italian artists) showing his electronic art works (body scanning) and video installations in the digital art section. Between 2001 and 2003 he worked for Studio Azzurro in Milan. Since 2001 he has lectured in Theory of Design at the IED (European Design Institute) of Milan.


Omar Crippa

Exhibition designer

Martina Fullin


Ornella Costanzo

Production manager

Fabio Rossin

Animation e Interaction designer

Rodolfo Riva

Graphic designer
foto Stefano

Stefano Elli

Exhibition and graphic designer

Camilla Panzeri

Exhibition designer


Valentina Ajello traduzioni; Rosaly Alessio grafica; Federico Ambrosi fotografia; Francesco Apuzzo allestimento tecnico; Riccardo Apuzzo riprese; Roberto Argenti architetto; Enrico Ascoli audio; Alberto Astorri attore; Antonio Augugliaro montaggio e postproduzione; Alessio Balza riprese; Luciano Baragiola architetto; Roberto Barbierato riprese; Giuseppe Baresi riprese; Maura Beretta direttore di produzione; Armando Bertacchi direttore fotografia; Emanuele Bianchi web developer; Federico Bonaconza attore; Vinicio Bordin montaggio e postproduzione; Giacomo Boschi motion graphic, Giovanna Bozzolo attrice; Renato Bragadini allestimento scenografico; Valentina Branchetti montaggio e postproduzione; Marco Cacciola attore; Ivan Citelli fotografia; Francesco Colella attore; Mara Colombo montaggio e postproduzione; Giuliano Corti sceneggiatura; Nunzio D’Amelio montaggio e postproduzione; Francesco Di Biasio assistenza sistemi interattivi; Valentina Di Liddo direttore di produzione; Dario Donati animazioni grafiche; Katia Fai montaggio e postproduzione; Marco Fracasso audio; Alessandro Gallo grafica; Toni Garbini attore; Laura Gatta montaggio e postproduzione; Dario Gavezotti sviluppo hardware e software; Stefano Guarinoni sviluppo hardware e software; Nicholas Hunt traduzioni; Lucio Lapietra animazioni grafiche; Angelo Linzalata scenografie; Emanuele Lomello coordinamento tecnico; Alessandro Lucchini montaggio e postproduzione; Giorgia Lupi architetto; Francesco Lupi Timini montaggio e postproduzione; Pierluigi Maffei montaggio e postproduzione; Alberto Modignani audio; Camila Pansonato, designer; Eleonora Parrello danzatrice-attrice; Virginie Paumier traduzioni; Lorenzo Picchi web developer; Marco Pieri fotografo; Stefano Piermatteo allestimento tecnico; Petra Pocanic animazioni grafiche; Diego Quagliarella allestimento tecnico; Orf Quarenghi software; Antonello Raggi audio; Assunta Ranieri truccatrice; Gabriel Rapetti elettronica; Diana Rosioru designer; Federica Rossi produzione; Maria Samez costumi; Davor Sanvincenti montaggio e postproduzione; Elisa Seravalli montaggio e postproduzione; Clara Simonetti architetto; Stefano Slocovich riprese; Paolo Solcia software; Anna Tadini grafica; Stefano Rino Tagliafierro montaggio e postproduzione; Chiara Toloni scenografie; Giulia Trapanotti montaggio e postproduzione; Francesca Valadè grafica; Stefano Vellano architetto; Pamela Visconti montaggio e postproduzione; Jens Wiemann animazioni grafiche; 235Media audio video; Acuson audio video; Allestimenti Benfenati allestimento scenografico; Artinbox allestimento scenografico; Bodino allestimento scenografico; Eletech audio video; Engineering Associates sistemi informatici; Fabbricanti d’immagine allestimento grafico


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